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Which is Your Golf Personality
There are a lot of golf fans out there and even greater number of golf courses you can play including many of the world’s finest layouts. This leading to a huge more golf destinations from which to choose a vacation that best suits your personality and that of your companions is the crucial part.
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How to play Smart Golf
Sitting in the back seat of a Golf Course, Golf may look like a Lay-man's game. Hit the fairway, then hit the green, maximum two putts, go to the next hole and repeat. Sounds simple doesn't it?
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Golf For Beginners - A few tips
Once you are through with all the other dare devil acts will you turn to Golf and once you turn to Golf theres no looking back.
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The Missing Link
Are you unable to find the missing link as to why your Game of Golf is not perfect? What is the root cause?Are you sure that you are the cause for the failure of the game?
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The Swing Thing
A very stong notion amongst amateur Golfers is that the Swing is the only thing in golf. This article opens the realms of what matters most in the Game of Golf.
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What causes failure
Changing the student’s swing cannot gaurantee success in the Game of Golf. There are other aspects needed to be polished to achieve success in the Game.
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Jack Nicklaus holds the record for the most number of major championship victories with 18. Surprised? Read more about his luminious Career.
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